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Welcome!! Before you read this fairly basic sketch about me and why I do what I do, ask yourself a question. Who are you most in love with? And how much is it worth to you to create a story, a "love story" with photographs that are as artful as your relationships. Whether its husband and wife, parent and child, sister to sister, or first generation hands holding the miracle newborn of the third generation, we are all in love with our family. It is no longer reserved for honeymooners. Our family relationships are priceless and deserve to be displayed and shared with all of the people in our lives.


On this site is a very small example of how I illustrate these "love stories", I hope you will become part of the collection.


Now back to the "about me" part. If it were my decision, we would still travel by horseback. It would force us to take our time, to breathe, to appreciate the silence that allows the soul to speak. I believe that our surroundings have become overwhelming. It is unbelievable that across my state, there is only one drive in left. Things seem to move too quickly and before we know it, moments in our lives are gone and we can barely remember them. We become too busy moving forward and forget to stand still and enjoy where we are.


That's where I come in. There is nothing that liberates the heart more than running through a firefly filled daisy field at sunset. I wish I could do that more, especially with my children. That is what my images are to me. They are tiny vacations, short lived escapes, and I try to make them all fantastic and real, most of all whats natural for you. And sometimes, the surprising outcome is recipes for the future and tokens of the past. They are your grandmother’s eyes in the face of your newborn, the spirit of the boy who ‘just might be president’. It is a reflection of who you are, who you want to be, and parts of you, you didn’t know were there. Better still, it's a chance to remember and relive periods in our lives that seem to pass too quickly.


Light is a gift, I love it, as I do its counterpart. I love how shadows held together by the frailest ray of sunshine can lightly stroke the roundness of a pregnant belly. How it will fall like glitter through the ringlets of a “messy head”. I look for those relationships every moment I’m awake. It is my job and my passion. I like to have fun with my clients and usually I become in some small way, a part of the family. There are times I will push the boundaries a bit and will look you straight in the eye and say “trust me”. It has never been a bad decision. Each session I photograph is a custom approach and there are no boundaries, no required poses, and timelines are very flexible, nothing at all will be the same as your neighbor, and that's how it should be, since all of our "stories" are unique.


I am located in the Fenton area right outside of St. Louis Missouri. I am blessed to live with two very spoiled cats, and my two daughters (also very spoiled), who have not only been an inspiration photographically, but consistently remind me that love is the strongest and most rewarding force on this earth. Looking forward to hearing from you. Jen Henneberry


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